Thank you for visiting our home on the web.  Excuse our website appearance, we are
welders and fabricators, not web page design specialists.  If we were, we would not be
building your next flatbed.  So your looking for a flatbed for your truck?  So why choose
us and not the guy down the street or in the next town over?  Feel free to look through
our home here and you will see why.  Only structural steel is used in all of our builds,
meaning a stronger, longer lasting flatbed is what you are purchasing.  Dont go out and
buy a mass produced flatbed and settle for what it has.  When you purchase from us, our
sales representative will discuss with you different metals, accessories and styles so you
will be happy with your flatbed for years to come.  You will find that our pricing is very
reasonable compared to other flatbed manufactures out there.

AGAIN... thank you for allowing us the chance to build you your next flatbed!
Flatbed Design
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Stony Creek, NY  12878
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Option 1 = Sales, Option 2 = Stony Creek, Option 3 = S. Glens Falls
We now offer our most common ordered flatbeds in stock and ready for pick up