Stony Creek, NY  12878
Can I come by and pick up a flatbed today?

NO.  All of our flatbeds are build to customers orders.  We do not mass produce any flatbed.

I like what I see in a certain model number.  Can I add to that?

YES.  This is why we are called custom flatbeds.  We build the flatbed for your needs, not what is template for us.  You can add just
about anything to any design ( within reason ).  Tool box's, rub rails, stake pockets, hinged sides, fixed sides, D rings, ect.

How long does it take to build my flatbed if I order it today?

This is a very common question.  There is no specific answer to this.  We can only tell you when you confirm you want a flatbed what
the build and ready time will be.  The factors for this is:  1:  steel availability 2: how many beds currently have deposits 3: how many
installs are on the schedule 4: Special order item availability 5: Holidays

I am really handy, can I save money by doing some of the building myself?

YES.  We have flatbeds available that are frame only, come primered only, come as a kit ( your welding required )

What type of steel do you use?

We only build with structural steel.  Any metal that requires bending is done here in our shop and is only available in cosmetic add ons.

Do you offer installation?

YES.  We offer installation of any flatbed we build for your truck.  Installation pricing depends on what is brought to us for install.  Ex:  If
you bring us a truck with the bed already removed, the cost of the install is less.  If you bring us a complete truck and are looking to
save the current bed, the cost is more.

Is your company insured or is this a back yard operation?

We get this question a lot, due to our prices...  YES we are insured.  We maintain insurance for WELDING and STEEL FABRICATION,
not just a general construction or contractor policy.  

Why are your prices so low?

Simple:  you are dealing with the welders and builders when you contact us.  There is no middle men or salesmen looking for a
commission on the bed that they sell.

Why does it take so long for someone to get back to me when I FACEBOOK MESSAGE you?

We try to answer facebook messaging or emails as soon as possible.  Usually most messages or emails are answered in the evening.  
We dont have the luxury of sitting in front of the computers all day.  We do have facebook and email notification on our phones and do
try to answer as soon as possible, although sometimes that might be a few hours or even the next day and we apologize for this.  

When I call you, I will have multiple questions regarding a flatbed for my truck.  Do you have time for all my questions?

YES.  We want you to be happy with your purchase.  A lot of times we will even make suggestions that you might have over looked.  On
average the first phone call for a flatbed ranges anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour.  We want you to be happy with your flatbed
and try to get the total build set for when you are ready to purchase one.

What is the process to purchase a flatbed?

First we will discuss everything you need.  Then we will email you a build specification for your flatbed.  Once you review the build, just
email us back with " Yes, I approve the build design ".  Once you approve the build, we will send you via email an invoice for a deposit.  
Deposit amounts are minimum, although we have to front the money for the steel, special order items and other materials.  We need
some sort of guarantee that you are serious about the build and are willing to commit to a purchase.  Once the deposit is received, we
order the steel ( if not in stock ) and put you on the schedule for the build.  Once the bed is complete, you will be contacted for pick up
or schedule the install.  The date of install or pick up requires the build balance to be paid.  NO CHECKS, credit card or cash only.

Do you ship or deliver flatbeds?

YES.  We have just made agreements with a shipper ( with great rates ) to be able to transport your flatbed to your location.  This is an
outside company and we accept no liability for their handling.  Although we have meet with them personally and know that they will treat
your flatbed as if it were there own.  All shipping fee's is between you and the shipper.  We take no part in these fee's or profit from