Stony Creek, NY  12878
Northeast Custom Flatbeds
                                     We started off in October 2017 as our full time job, leaving our career positions at well known auto repair        
                                     facilities.  Our first location was located at 164 Elm Street in a large garage behind a residence that we were
                                     renting.  It did not take long as we had already completed over 45 orders for flatbeds for us to out grow this
                                     location.  By the end of November 2017 we were looking for a larger place to handle the volume of flatbed
                                     orders that were up coming.  Our landlord was amazed at the amount of volume we were producing.  We had
                                     spoken with him about the space we were renting and he had let us out of our 1 year lease so we could
                                     continue to grow.

In the middle of December 2017 we had found a new location almost 10X larger than our original location.  
20 Keeler Street.  This is an industrial warehouse complex.  The neighboring business were great.  The
space inside great.  The factors for us to move from this location that I will not discuss here.  As you
can see in the pics we were busy at this location.  In this location we had a nice set up for production.  With
multiple rooms and dividers we were able to create an office, paint room, cut room, assembly room, storage
room and at the top of the entry ramp we were able to perform many - many installs.

While at 20 Keeler Street, with the assistance of a long time friend Dominick we were working on larger flatbeds and installs of all types
of equipment.  Dom's biggest complaint was the no heat in that location, LOL.  Near the end of the winter he had offered us the back
portion of his shop located in Stony Creek for full time operations.  In mid June 2018 we made the move to our new location.  The
location of 10 Victory Lane, Stony Creek NY has become our new home.  Flat clement floors, a professional paint spray booth, more
than enough outside storage and a loader with forks to move flatbeds in and out of the shop.  A 14X14 entry door to the install bay
with flat flooring ( no ramps ) and a modern office and waiting area for customers.  Oh yeah did I mention HEAT in the winter!!!

                                                                 In October of 2019 we needed to expand again.  We have opened up a shop in South
                                                                 Glens Falls, NY in the Epic Ventures complex located at 22 Hudson Falls Road.  
                                                                 This location is about 40 minutes closer to Albany than our Stony Creek location.  This
                                                                 shop is fully equipped with everything we need to build and install flatbeds.  This is now
                                                                 also our main cut shop for new orders, allowing Stony Creek to direct their attention on
                                                                 building, painting, wiring, lighting and installing flatbeds.

                                                                 2 Locations ONE phone number to reach us at...   518-623-0073

Along with 2018/2019 we had extended out the racing scene.  We had sponsored a few race cars and got our name out there for all to

With the move to Stony Creek we are also all volunteers in our community with Stony Creek Fire Department and Ambulance.  So we
all know what volunteers give to their community.  Let us know you read this page and if you are a Volunteer, tell us and receive a
discount on your flatbed.  We all give a lot in volunteering, its about time we get something back for our time...